Most Millennials Expect World War III in Their Lifetime

A survey of 16,000 millennials in 16 countries at peace and at war indicates a majority is nervous about the future, and a large plurality believes heightened global tensions are likely to lead to a catastrophic war.  Launch of the report was commissioned last year by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

The ICRC survey finds millennials are deeply pessimistic about the future they face.   The results indicate this generation of young people, now between the ages of 25 and 39, is worried about future conflicts and nuclear weapons.  Other top concerns include unemployment, increasing poverty and terrorism.

Among those surveyed, 47% think there will be a third world war in their lifetime.  However, 84% believe the use of nuclear weapons is never acceptable.  ICRC legal adviser Nishat Nishat calls this extremely encouraging.

“I think there is something very encouraging at the fact that millennials, my generation and people in the world, I think generally now have understood the sort of catastrophic effects nuclear weapons could have and how those effects would be just unacceptable regardless of the circumstances under which these would be used,” said Nishat.


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