THE MEMO: Bruised by Comey, Trump avoids catastrophe

June 9, 2017   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags:

As the smoke begins to clear from James Comey’s dramatic testimony on Capitol Hill, one thing has become clear: It was bad for President Trump — but it could have been worse.

The fired FBI director delivered several gut punches to Trump and his administration, but there was no knockout blow.

Comey’s testimony enflamed Democrats and progressives, whose appetite to impeach Trump is growing by the day.

But for that to become a realistic possibility, Republicans would need to desert the president. There were few signs of that happening around the dais of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

While the Republican members did not challenge the veracity of Comey’s testimony, they appeared skeptical of some of his interpretations of his interactions with Trump. None suggested that they believed the president had obstructed justice.


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