Media Uses Coronavirus To Mock Christian Faith

March 4, 2020   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: ,
The Left seems to love creating hysteria and mocking Bible-believing Christians — so they couldn’t have asked for a better gift than the coronavirus.
Not only does it give the media a chance to fuel the fear and fill headlines, but it’s also given them a chance to take another whack at Vice President Mike Pence. Not because he’s done anything wrong, of course. But because of what he believes.
When a picture circulated of the vice president praying with his coronavirus emergency team, extremists saw the opening and pounced.
After a week of bashing Pence for not having the experience to lead the response, liberals went ballistic at the idea that the man in charge of America’s task force would “waste time” praying. “We are so screwed,” Thomas Chatterton Williams posted.
Others were upset that he’d dare to bow his head with other agency heads. But one of the worst responses had already come from CNN’s Don Lemon, before the picture, when he argued, “Is that the person you want in charge of the coronavirus outbreak?

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4 Responses to “Media Uses Coronavirus To Mock Christian Faith”

  1. Debby Stevens

    Yes, I can see how the Coronovirus scare is a hoax! It is no worse than other kinds of flu or viruses! And the media can’t come up with very good statistics on numbers of deaths from the Coronovirus. There’s much better statistics on numbers of deaths from other kinds of flu or viruses, compared to from Coronovirus! Yet, the media keeps claiming that Coronovirus is spreading and taking overly drastic measures to control it. They certainly haven’t taken that drastic of measures to prevent other kinds of flu and viruses, which have caused far more deaths than Coronovirus! Fishy, fishy!