McMaster: Trump ‘Will Take Action’ to End Any North Korea Threat to U.S.

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” discussing the Kim Jong Un regime’s recent uptick in testing nuclear weapons and ballistic missile, President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster said Trump would act “in the best interest of the American people” if necessary.

McMaster said, “I think there’s an international consensus now, including the Chinese and the Chinese leadership, that this is a situation that just can’t continue. And the president has made clear that he will not accept the United States and its allies and partners in the region being under threat from this hostile regime with nuclear weapons. And so we’re working together with our allies and partners and with the Chinese leadership to develop a range of options and the president has asked the National security council to integrate the efforts of the Department of Defense, State, our intelligence agencies, so we can provide options and have them ready for him if this pattern of destabilizing behavior continues.”

He added, “While it’s unclear and we do not want to telegraph in any way how we’ll respond to certain incidents, it’s clear that the president is determined not to allow this kind of capability to threaten the United States. Our president will take action that is in the best interest of the American people.”


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