Has the British lion lost its roar?

March 20, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags:

They’re getting the mandates, and they’ve got the hiring power. Are US firms elbowing out the magic circle on leveraged finance?

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  1. Pastor Baxter, I would like to weigh-in on a question you got in the show; namely, how do we get to 2.4 billion killed in WWIII. I agree with you- it’s through China & India.
    I have a feeling I can’t shake that Trump is going to attack North Korea on Easter Sunday, under the guise of the joint US/South Korean live-fire military exercises beginning on 1 April.
    About 6 weeks ago, China moved 300,000 men to its border with North Korea and then added another 200,000 about 2 weeks ago. Almost immediately, India ‘suddenly’ began military trouble on China’s western border: China had to suddenly transfer men and aircraft to that border. I believe India may have initiated this at the request of the U.S. to keep China distracted on that border. If Trump attacks North Korea, look for India to
    strike at China’s western border: this could easily escalate to a nuclear exchange AND India’s mortal-enemy, Pakistan could take advantage of the situation and nuke India.
    North Korea is allied with Syria, Iran and Russia- so there’s a Middle East connection in this senario.
    Just because the fallen angels are released released from the Euphrates doesn’t necessarily mean the war will initiate there.
    Time will tell.
    Blessings to you

  2. Lloyd A Dale

    I matters nought to me about the military appropriations for it would have come any way. My biggest problem is the fact that the abortionist Planned Parenthood was funded again for $500,000,000.00 of the public taxpayers money. We are paying for abortions again. Don’t you think that is one reason so many problems concerning American divisiveness is currently taking place? God may be judging America in ways we are not yet aware of because we murder helpless babies. Not only that, we are funding the idiotic sanctuary cities. I thought that was verboten with the feds?