Lawmaker wants to ban forced microchip implants, markings

February 21, 2017   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , ,

Nevada may become the fifth state to pass a law banning the implanting of RFID microchips in humans without their consent.

Republican state Sen. Becky Harris introduced a bill in the Nevada legislature that would make it a felony to forcibly implant the tracking devices in any human being, including the mentally impaired.

Harris said she’s worried computer chips could pose serious risks to human rights and public health.

“This is a completely new issue,” Harris said in a statement. “I just want a safety measure in place until we better understand the technology and the reasoning behind people’s desire to require implanting chips.”

While some critics say there is no need for such legislation because nobody is being forced to have a chip embedded under their skin, the practice is growing in popularity.


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