Large-scale Russian treaty violations revealed on eve of new talks

June 24, 2020   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , , ,

The Trump administration revealed on the eve of new arms talks with Russia nine major arms control agreement compliance failures by Moscow.

Special U.S. arms control envoy Marshall Billingslea said the sole positive finding in the forthcoming State Department annual report on arms compliance is Moscow’s adherence to the terms of the 2010 New START.

However, Mr. Billingslea said extending the treaty, set to expire in February, remains uncertain.

“This year’s arms control report documents Russia’s abysmal track record in complying with its promises,” Mr. Billingslea told The Washington Times.

“These aren’t trivial arms control violations,” he said. “These are invasions of countries, assassination attempts and blowing up a 30-year-plus treaty through its violations.”


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3 Responses to “Large-scale Russian treaty violations revealed on eve of new talks”

  1. John McDonald

    While the individual is not capable of changing/controlling the actions of government, it is incumbent upon us to study and know what is happening around the world so as to be prepared to act as GOD will ask us in these turbulent days now and ahead. Knowing that the KINGDOM OF GOD will replace all governments of man at the second coming makes the follies of man more informational for our lives than in control of our actions. Trust in GOD and act as HE will ask you do not let the temporary actions of men sway the purpose HE has set forth for us.

  2. Harold Ryan

    Jesus said “Go save souls” . While we are to be good stewarts, we can’t save the earth/world/government. The RAINBOW wavers remind us every day of what’s coming.