Kushner: ‘Deal of the Century’ map can be changed by Palestinians

Palestinians can weigh in on the “Deal of the Century” map, US envoy Jared Kushner told the Egyptian MBC Masr network in an interview, where he also spoke of the Trump administration’s plans to recognize Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

“If the Palestinians don’t like where the line is drawn, they should come and tell us where they want to draw it,” Kushner told Egyptian anchor Amr Adib.

“If the leaders of the Palestinians want to do what is best for their people, I think they will read the plan,” Kushner said. “They should come to the table, sit with the Israelis and say: ‘Look, We appreciate the gesture you have made. There are some major compromises [in the plan] you have never made before. These are the four or five or six things that we would like you to consider changing. And if you do this, you have a deal.’ That is how people who are ready to have a state make deals,” Kushner said.

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