Kerry hugs Hollande, says US ‘shares pain’ after attacks

US top diplomat John Kerry said Friday his country shared France’s pain over last week’s Islamist attacks, after a warm embrace with President Francois Hollande who said their countries needed to work together against extremism.


“I know you know that we share the pain and the horror of everything that you went through,” said Kerry as he met with the French leader who, referring to the September 11 attacks on New York said: “We must work together to find the necessary response.”


The top US diplomat is in Paris seeking to put an end to a furore over the absence of a senior American official at a mass rally in the wake of last week’s Islamist shootings in the French capital, which killed 17 people.


Kerry told his French counterpart Laurent Fabius Friday he had been unable to attend Sunday’s massive march in Paris because he was on the road.


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