Judge allows right-wing activist Yehuda Glick to return to Temple Mount

Following an October assassination attempt that nearly took his life – and a subsequent court-ordered ban from visiting the Temple Mount – a Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court judge on Tuesday ruled that Yehudah Glick may return to the contested holy site on a limited basis.


Despite police opposition alleging that Glick, a spokesman for the right-wing Joint Committee of Temple Organizations, presents a danger to public order at the compound, Judge Miriam Kaslassy said he could visit once a month and was not allowed to carry a cellphone or call out in a provocative manner.
Glick expressed mixed feelings, saying that while he agreed with the judge “in principle,” he still took offense at several of her main restrictions.
“In principle, I’m very happy that the court accepted our main claim, which is that the police must protect the public from violence, and not punish people who are victims of violence,” he said.


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