J’lem Police commander: Pride parade to continue as planned

July 21, 2016   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , , ,

The Jerusalem March for Pride and Tolerance is set to continue on its planned route despite threats by extremist elements to disrupt it, said Jerusalem District Police Commandner Yoram Halevy.


“Any and all attempts to disrupt the parade will be met with a firm and resolute response, and they will be arrested and prosecuted,” Halevy warned.


This statement comes following a controversial decision to change the route of the Be’er Sheva pride parade due to various threats of disruption.


The Jerusalem police have carried out a series of actions to prevent and defend against these provocateurs. “As part of the overall Pride Parade preparations, I have instructed the police department to carry out a number of actions, including bans on certain people, issuing warnings to certain people, and preventing people with the intention of attacking the parade (from approaching it).”


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