Jewish fears for safety in wake of Paris attacks

Two young college student poets, Hannah Halpern and Amina Iro, are talking about their faith.


Nothing unusual there, you might think.


But one writes about Allah and her mosque, the other about her synagogue and the Star of David.


The two met at a Washington DC youth slam poetry event and write and communicate about their faiths in ways that aim to engage and provoke their audiences.


It’s a type of dialogue that will be much needed now, after the killings in Paris and the attack on a kosher supermarket there.


The killings in Paris have further focused attention on the safety of Jewish communities in France, Germany and the UK”


The young poets were taking part in a session at Limmud, which has been likened to a Jewish Edinburgh festival, Hay and Glastonbury rolled into one and is held on Warwick University campus just before New Year.


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