Israel’s War on Palestinian Statehood

Along with Washington, it uses Islamic terrorist elements as  strategic assets. On Sunday, five car bombs were detonated simultaneously in central Gaza City – reportedly targeting Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Vehicles they owned were struck.


Graffiti on nearby walls read “Daesh” (the Islamic State designation). So far no group accepted responsibility. Was it an Israeli plot against both groups using proxy IS terrorists to do its dirty work?


Several injuries were reported, no known deaths. Hamas officials are investigating the incident. IS and fringe Salafi groups operate in Gaza – likely with Israeli support and encouragement.


They challenge Hamas authority. They hold extremist Islamic views. Since last summer, other explosions occurred.


While directly aiding IS terrorists, Netanyahu outrageously equated them with Hamas – calling them “branches of the same poisonous tree,” polar opposite reality.


IS advocates strict Islamic caliphate rule under sharia law. Hamas is moderate by comparison. Its goal is ending Israel’s occupation and establishing Palestinian statehood within June 1967 borders.


IS wants caliphate extremism in all Arab states. It’s dependent on US, Saudi, Israeli, Turkish and other regional aid to continue its aggressive mission – seizing territory from sovereign countries, eliminating all nonbelievers.


Hamas has political and military wings. It’s Palestine’s democratically elected government. It’s no terrorist organization as falsely claimed.


It wants peace and stability, not war and other forms of violence. It wants long denied Palestinian liberation – free at last from vicious Israeli control.


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