Israel’s newest MK: God thought I have things to do in the Knesset

Glick’s politics are tricky to pin down. On the one hand, he is considered an extremist who fights for the entry of Jews to the Temple Mount, which could potentially ignite the Middle East and the entire world at large. On the other hand, he is one of the most vocal detractors of Sgt. Elor Azaria, who shot a neutralized terrorist to death earlier this year. His stance earned Glick some new enemies, this time from the right. Glick has also voiced criticism over Yisrael Beytenu Leader Avigdor Lieberman’s appointment as minister of defense and has pushed instead for a unity government with the Labor Party. This is despite the fact that it was Lieberman’s recent agreement with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that facilitated Glick’s entry to the government.


“I understand Ya’alon’s pain,” said Glick. “But I think he shouldn’t have resigned, and I even call upon him now—if there is still a chance—to stay. Ya’alon is an asset to the people of Israel and certainly to Likud.”


Do you recant the things you said about Lieberman?


“I wish him a lot of luck. His success is our success. The position of minister of defense is the most senior position apart from that of the prime minister, and I hope he understands the obligation that comes with it. I also didn’t like the comments Lieberman made against (Zionist Union Leader) Isaac Herzog. (Herzog) tried to do what he thought should be done, but the level of ridicule aimed at him at this point is beyond the pale.”


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