Iraqi Christians Warn Sweden: Muslim Rule Coming Unless You Wise Up

December 5, 2019   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , ,

They’ve seen firsthand the persecution of non-Muslims in Iraq, and the same is coming to Sweden, they warn — unless Europeans stop being “naïve.”

Sounding this alarm are Iraqi Christians such as church worker Layla (not her real name), who believe that Sweden’s and France’s current cultural trajectory, immigration patterns, and fertility rates will bring it to Islamist rule. “You lose control,” Layla, from Iraqi Kurdistan, told Christian magazine Världen Idag (VI).

“We who have grown up here [in the Mideast] know what Islam is. It is not the people, the Muslims, that I warn about, but the ideology,” she told the magazine.

“Although most Muslims don’t believe in jihad, they believe in Mohammad,” Layla elaborated. “They believe that all peoples should become Muslims and that there is a reward in heaven for those who bring people to Islam,” VI also related.

This is a bigger issue than most know. Remember that virtues (and vices) are caught more than they’re taught. People don’t follow ideas; they follow people, which is why any good parent appreciates a good example’s importance. It’s also why Christians may ask, “What would Jesus do?”


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