Iranian military official: ‘We laugh’ when US threatens to attack

The West’s frequent use of military threats and citing of their ability to  attack Iran at will has become a joke among Iranian commanders in the military, according to a high ranking military official in the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency reported on Wednesday.


Brigadier General Mohammad Ali Asoudi alluded to the West’s hesitancy to use military force and mocked its resolve while speaking to troops in the North.


“We should thank Obama for refreshing us by referring to his ‘options on the table’, including the military one; we just relax and laugh at such ridiculous words,” Asoudi said.


Other top commanders have also mocked such rhetoric coming from western officials, especially President Barack Obama’s use of the common refrain of “all options on the table” while negotiations between world powers and Iran were being discussed.


In May, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s top commander, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari,  dismissed US officials’ frequent military threats against Iran as ridiculous remarks, according to Fars.


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