Iran urges international community on IRGC designation

Iran urges international community to take positions over US’ designation of IRGC as foreign terror outfit

Iran will urge the international community to take some concrete steps over the United Statesdesignation of Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a foreign terror organization, Tehran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif was quoted as saying on Sunday.

According to Reuters news reports, Iran has condemned US President Donald Trump’s last week step as “illegal”. Iranian IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps) is the most powerful elite force who is protecting the nation, Zarif stated.

State-run IRNA news agency has quoted Zarif as saying, “Today … we will send messages to foreign ministers of all countries to tell them it is necessary for them to express their stances, and to warn them that this unprecedented and dangerous U.S. measure has had and will have consequences.”


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  1. Baba Do Da Dave
    Baba Do Da Dave says:

    Zarif is a Muslim’s Muslim. He is always smiling the smile of Islam, the grimace of hate. Like all good Muslims, he has no real friends outside of Islam. He hates the infidel. Anyone who has not surrendered to “Allah” (Satan) is an enemy of Islam and an enemy of all Muslims. He pretends to embrace the world in friendship, but in fact his main goal is to subjugate all peoples under Sharia, to convert or kill the peoples of the world. Never trust a smiling Muslim. When he says he is your friend and a friend to all peoples, he does so because it is required of all good Muslims to lie to infidels. The four sides of Jihad drives the Muslim agenda. He hates all Jews and vows to kill Jews. Iran does not do it because at present the world’s nations would condemn such action. But, one day the world’s nations will join with Iran to attack Israel to force the Jews to give up Jerusalem and all the land called Israel. Jarif will say whatever is necessary to poison the world’s opinion of the USA and Israel. Like Satan, Jarif speaks with a forked tongue.

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