Iran news: Could World War 3 break out between Iran and the USA?

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IRAN is facing its “toughest ever” sanctions by the USA today. But could World War 3 break out between Iran and the USA?

Thousands of Iranians chanted “Death to America” at a rally in protest on Sunday. They were protesting the Trump administration bringing back all sanctions the were previously removed under the 2015 nuclear deal.

This is set to hit the economy hard, as the sanctions will be imposed on oil exports, shipping and banks.

The rally also took place on the 39th anniversary of the US embassy taking over Tehran. However, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has said he will sell oil and break the sanctions.

Air defence drills are reportedly set to be held today and tomorrow so the military can prove the “county’s capabilities”.

President of the US Donald Trump said Iran is struggling already due to his administration’s “very tough” policies. He said: “We’ll see what happens with Iran, but they’re not doing very well, I can tell you.”


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One Response to “Iran news: Could World War 3 break out between Iran and the USA?”

  1. I do not think
    .Why do they use English on their banners if they hate Americans so much?
    And do they speak English to shout their hatred? They are not logical with themselves.
    So that they reject you completely and so write and speak only Persian.
    Your dearest enemies …
    You would make a mouthful of the Iranians.
    Iran paper tiger.