IDF shoots down Gaza drone flying near border fence

Israeli military troops shot down a small drone as it flew near the border fence in the southern Gaza Strip Saturday evening, the Israel Defense Forces said.

The drone, which was not carrying any explosives or otherwise dangerous materials, was taken in for review.

Channel 12 news reported that the drone had flown over the border before being shot down and that troops found its remains in Israeli territory. An army spokesperson could not confirm the details of the TV report.

Last month the army shot down two drones in Gaza in separate incidents.

In general, the Israeli military does not interfere with drones flying over the Gaza Strip unless they approach the border or fly at especially high altitudes.

The incident followed a rare quiet weekend along the Gaza border, where for the second week in a row Friday protest marches were called off. The move — being only the fourth time the weekly demonstrations were canceled since they began in late March 2018 — was seen as marking an attempt by Gaza’s Hamas rulers to avoid fresh confrontation with Israel.