How three countries are creating the roadmap to a cashless society

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Noncash payments have been gaining popularity around the world for the last decade. And though cash isnt anywhere near dead, its global growth is slowing as consumers turn to emerging cashless alternatives.

But there are a few key markets – Australia, Sweden, and the UK – where annual noncash payments have already surpassed traditional cash transactions altogether and theyre stong early indicators of what a truly cashless society could look like.

Why are digital payments on the rise?

The growing adoption of noncash payments is a direct result of the rise of e-commerce, but thats not the only factor. Consumers today are adaptable to disruptive technologies and are generally open to trying new types of digital payment methods. 

This consumer appetite is compounded by their access to infrastructure, as well as the emergence of government-backed initiatives, such as real-time transfers and the backing of electronic currencies, that make digital payments more enticing to both consumers and merchants.


Why is cashless inclusion so difficult?
Is a cashless society problematic?

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One Response to “How three countries are creating the roadmap to a cashless society”

  1. Brightedge

    The cashless society will be yet another part of the Beast infrastructure. I said some time ago that when 5G was rolled out it would herald the Beast system. Well it is here and they are working on putting it in. 5G is many many times more dangerous to your health and your children’s health than old cell phone technology has been proven to be. It will literally cook people. Even more dangerous is this will serve also as another spy surveil grid. Cashless monetary system 5g surveil grid and the last piece of the surveil grid will be the aerosol injection technology that has just been admitted to. The Beast system is being rolled out and sold to a ignorant submissive population. Prayer helps and so does resistance. Jesus resisted and expects us to do the same. God bless and keep you strong.