High-tech military makeover to revolutionize how the U.S. wages war

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Hi-def drones, inflatable satellites, Iron Man boots on display at special ops fair

Soldiers on patrol in future wars won’t have to wait for air reconnaissance missions to give them crucial information on targets over the next ridge. Instead, small, portable drones able to launch on a moment’s notice will provide real-time data.

Divers will be propelled to enemy shores by state-of-the-art Iron Man-style boots, allowing them to conserve energy and move faster than human evolution alone would allow.

Military teams in the field can carry with them light, inflatable “satellites” capable of establishing clear communications in a matter of minutes.

And special forces operators busting through doors will be “hyper-enabled,” provided with all necessary facts on the enemy, their surroundings, and even their own vital signs. Operatives working behind enemy lines will have lightning-fast, rugged computers that can extract huge amounts of data from terrorists’ thumb drives, tablets and cell phones in a matter of minutes — with no training whatsoever.

MORE: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/may/27/special-operations-forces-industry-conference-reve/

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3 Responses to “High-tech military makeover to revolutionize how the U.S. wages war”

  1. Kathy Moody

    I feel God is trying to bring revival, not only through the abortion but also with the mass shootings, transgender crap, flooding, tornadoes, etc.

  2. if the u.s. has all this technology at their disposal,so probably the other enemy will also have the same technology and maybe even more advanced.so we may be watching them,but they may be watching us also.i guess it’s probably a pretty even playing field now with technology so accessible around the globe.

  3. Victor F. Andrews

    Love your work and your mission! Thanks, and keep it up! As a 57 year old, raised in a Pentecostal, one-ness church with my Grandfather as my past for almost 30 years, I remember the old fashion preaching in regard to the end time. His knowledge of end time passages of Daniel and Revelations was passionate and strong but not deep, yet, it keptme in the seat even as a young Christian. Unfortunately, way to many churches don’t even ‘broach’ this subject, including my own UPC church. There seems to be way to few with that passion, yet I believe now is the time, if there ever was one! But with your studies and your deep knowledge of end time prophesies many Christians have a timely resource for these vital topics! I believe knowledge truly is power and ‘everybody ought to know’! God Bless your ministry – we love it!