Has U.S. given up hope on relations with Israel?

Yoram Ettinger, an insider on U.S.-Israel relations, and a former Ambassador who served as Minister for Congressional Affairs at Israel’s Embassy in Washington, explained some of the inner workings of Obama’s policy towards Israel.


“One has to be acquainted with President Obama’s overall worldview in order to begin to understand his plan with regard to the Jewish state.”


Ettinger says that Obama is really focused on the third world and sees Israel as the aggressor as it represents the Western World.


“Obama feels that the third world has been wronged by the west. In his view, Israel is the West and the Arabs are the third world. Therefore we are wrong and they have been wronged. Additionally, Obama is a United Nations oriented person. He firmly believes that the UN must play a central role in shaping global policies. He therefore takes the UN stance, and the UN stance is determined mainly by the third world over the West.”


With regards to the Palestinian issue in particular, Ettinger said that Obama believes that this is the lynchpin to all of the problems that are occurring in the Middle East, therefore he is continually pressuring Israel.


“He is convinced that the Palestinian issue is the core cause of Middle East turbulence, and that it is the crown jewel of Arab policy makers and the crux of the Arab-Israeli conflict. Therefore if you can crack the Palestinian nut you can solve all of those issues as well.”


Obama has shown from his campaign in 2008 that he is determined to pursue this world view irrespective of the reality. “All of his policy in the region is connected. This has to do with Arab Spring, with Iran, with Syria, and even Libya. This worldview affects U.S. affairs on a global front.”


Ettinger admits that Obama has failed on each and every one of these fronts, but he said that Obama has shown that these failures will not change his worldview.


Another thing to take into consideration, according to Ettinger, is that “Obama believes that engagement rather than confrontation is the best way to deal with a rogue regime.”


It is due to this belief in particular, according to Ettinger, that Obama has no real need for Israel as an ally in the Middle East or at all. “Because he believes that negotiation is better than flexing military muscles, he does not have much need for Israel as a beach head of the west in the Middle East.”


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