Hamas: ‘Intifada’ killed the Balfour Declaration

The Hamas paper has given new significance to the Israeli government’s concession Saturday, when it returned the bodies of five terrorists in breach of a Security Cabinet decision, and thereby let the Palestinian Authority (PA) hold a massive funeral for them in Hevron.


Faiz Abu Shamalah wrote in the Hamas-run Palestine Paper, analyzing the meaning of the funeral that was attended by thousands, and which led to violent attacks on IDF soldiers.


“The city of Hevron has become the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian nation expressing the will of the Palestinian nation, which spoke in its masses and with rage,” wrote Abu Shamalah.


His comment indicates the strong support for Hamas in the city in Judea, a stronghold for the Islamist terrorist group and where local elections for seven spots in the municipal government reportedly saw all seven go to Hamas members.


That “will” according to the Hamas writer was expressed in “a call against the Oslo Accords, against the continuation of the (PA) security cooperation (with Israel), against the initiative of (US Secretary of State) John Kerry and against every Palestinian working against the intifada.”


“The city of Hevron announced aloud to the entire Palestinian nation that the goings-on on Palestinian land are an intifada in every sense of the word, in terms of the sacrifice and the self-sacrifice,” he continued.


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