Growing tide of outraged parents move to demolish perverted California sex ed program

Back in mid-September, MassResistance began exposing the horrors of the “Teen Talk” graphic LGBT/sex-ed curriculum that the Downey, CA School Board had recently approved for the high school and middle school.

Dishonest school officials led parents in this largely minority, working-class suburb of Los Angeles to believe that this was a benign program. But when the ugly details about it were revealed, the parents were shocked and horrified.

Informed parents insisted that this must be stopped! But the biggest problem was that most people in the community had no idea what was happening (and the School Board took advantage of that)!

So the new Downey MassResistance chapter led by Sandi, a district mother, got right to work reaching out to more parents, local churches, and city leaders to raise alarm about this upcoming curriculum — and mobilize them to take action immediately.


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