Greenblatt: Israeli Sovereignty Only with Allocating Land for Palestinian State

“…under the peace plan that we released, that comes with a commitment to set aside a certain area of land for the eventual, potential Palestinian state,” said President Trump’s former envoy to the Middle East peace negotiations Jason Greenblatt in an interview with Israel’s Army radio.

Greenblatt was one of the architects of the Trump peace plan which was introduced officially in late January.

Despite Israel having to designate and allocate land in advance for a Palestinian state, Greenblatt said, the Palestinian Authority would still need need to meet the plan’s criteria for creating said state, “There’s a lot of criteria before the Palestinians become a state, if it ever happens. I think that’s what differentiates the plan we released from some of the past efforts. There are things that have to be solved before you begin a discussion on what a Palestinian state should look like.”