Germany’s Terror, Mayhem, and Murder Spree: Thank You, Mrs. Merkel

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Shooting, stabbing, hacking, bombing: A week-long spree of deadly terror attacks has left 10 dead, scores injured, and millions more terrified and outraged in Germany.


A 27-year-old Syrian asylum seeker was killed in an apparent suicide bombing in Ansbach on Sunday evening, when a backpack bomb he was wearing detonated, injuring 15 others, four of whom are in serious condition. He, reportedly, had attempted to enter a music festival, but had been refused admittance. Had the explosive been detonated inside the crowded venue, many of the 2,500 in attendance would likely have been casualties. The Ansbach terror bombing capped a week of jihadist violence that has put Germany on edge and fanned outrage toward Prime Minister Angela Merkel (shown), who has continued her open-border policies, despite widespread anger over the 2015 migration crisis that saw over one million “refugees” flood into Germany.
Earlier in the day on Sunday, another Syrian asylum seeker was arrested in the town of Reutlingen after attacking a pregnant Polish woman on the street with a machete and injuring two other people. The expectant mother died, as did her unborn child. However, in keeping with the political correctness of the day, the pro-abortion media referenced only the death of the mother, reporting only one person killed in the attack.


The murderous attacks on Sunday followed an attack on July 18 by a knife-and-axe-wielding Afghan refugee on a train traveling between Treuchtlingen and Wurzburg, that left four injured, and a shooting rampage at a Munich shopping mall on July 22 that killed nine.


Compared to France, Belgium, and Britain, until this recent series of violent attacks, Germany had largely escaped the wave of Islamist terror. There were, however, plenty of clues that terrorism might soon be visited upon the land. Mass sexual assaults across Germany last year by bands of Muslim refugee males had already stirred public outrage. In the most infamous case, as many as 1,000 migrant men were involved in sex attacks and rape against women at the Cologne railway station on New Year’s Eve. In May, a man shouting “Allahu Akbar” stabbed one man to death and wounded three others, in a knife attack at a train station near Munich.


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