Germany Took in the Entire Population of Houston Last Year

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Germany — Germany welcomed an unprecedented number of new arrivals from other countries last year, according to new figures.


More than 2.1 million immigrants were registered, according to provisional results from the Federal Statistics Office. That represents a 46 percent year-on-year increase and is almost as many people who live in Houston, the fourth-largest city in the U.S.


As of the end of September, Germany ‘s population was around 81.8 million.


Earlier this year, officials estimated that more than 1.1 million refugees reached Germany during 2015. At times, more than 10,000 refugees and migrants arrived daily in the country.


“While we the status of individuals is not identified at registration offices, the citizenship of the migrants indicates that those seeking refuge had a large share in the increase,” Martin Conrad from the Destatis agency told NBC News on Thursday.


Officials noted that the overall “balance of arrivals and departures across Germany’s borders, is the highest in the history” of the country.


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