Germany, France to Set Up Joint European Intervention Force

Germany agreed to join France in the establishment the European Intervention Initiative (IEI). According to Defense Update, the project brings together a dozen European countries, capable militarily and politically willing to face evolving security challenges, and better able to protect its citizens. France, UK, Netherlands, and Germany were among the first to endorse the project.Following a French initiative launched by President Emmanuel Macron in 2017, IEI foresees the formation of a joint, European intervention force. The new formation will operate in parallel to the current European multilateral organizations (NATO and the EU), that will provide the continent an independent military intervention capability, which will be based on common doctrine and funding supported by the participating countries. The formation of the new force is planned for years 2019-2024 to establish a “shared strategic culture,” according to Emmanuel Macron.IEI is expected to strengthen the links between the armed forces of the member countries, with the aim of developing a common strategic culture and European strategic autonomy. A separate NATO and EU member, the IEI will contribute to the efforts undertaken within these two institutions, in particular, those of the Permanent Structured Cooperation (SPC), with which the IEI will maintain close links.The defense ministers of the representative countries will sign a Letter of Intent this week, to formally launch the initiative. This commitment will be translated in the coming weeks and months by a ministerial orientation meeting, followed by the first military strategic meeting that will bring together the staffs of the participating countries, as well as the launch of the first operational activities of the IEI.


Source: Germany, France to Set Up Joint European Intervention Force | Israel Defense

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