Former Bush adviser says climate change is security threat

Climate change will lead to a surge in refugee problems around the world, a former George W. Bush adviser said on Thursday, raising American national security concerns for the next presidential administration.


“Climate change and a lot of other economic dislocations have put a lot of people out of work,” Stephen Hadley, who was a national security adviser for Bush from 2001 to 2009, said at a Politico event on Thursday. He cited the refugee crisis in Europe as one example.


“They are on the move and they have no place to go, and it means they are recruiting grounds for terrorists and extremists and potential refugee flows that will tax Europe even more.”
Republicans have derided President Obama and his administration for calling climate change a national security issue, as well as similar claims from other Democrats.


The White House included climate change in a national security strategy released last February, and Obama has warned against its impact on refugee crises, as well.


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