Exaggeration continues to fuel climate-change agenda

Various governments may have agreed on what they’re calling a new climate “agreement,” but the debate is far from over.


The Paris agreement adopted on December 12 aims to prevent what some are calling “man-made global warming” from rising another 1.8 degrees (Fahrenheit) between now and the end of the century. Some religious leaders are applauding the move, as are President Obama and members of his administration.


“It will help the world prepare for the impacts of climate change that are already here, and also for those we know are now headed our way inevitably,” said Secretary of State John Kerry.


The argument from the Obama administration and others is that man’s burning of fossil fuels is resulting in heat-trapping emissions that warm temperatures and make for bigger, more powerful storms.


Regardless, the agreement in Paris is being criticized for not having any enforcement sanctions or mechanisms, something Kerry defended on Fox News Sunday. “If there had been a penalty, we would not have been able to get an agreement,” he stated.


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