EU takes step toward joint army

The vast majority of EU states have agreed to create what some have called the nucleus of a joint army.Twenty three out of 28 EU states signed the declaration in Brussels on Monday (13 November), prior to making a legally binding pledge at an EU summit next month. British firms stand to lose EU defence contracts if UK stays out Britain, Denmark, Ireland, Malta, and Portugal stayed out. But some of them, such as Ireland, indicated they might join in time for the summit. Britain, which is leaving the EU, could also take part under special conditions. EU foreign relations chief Federica Mogherini called the signing ceremony an “emotional moment”. She said that, from the point of view of her native Italy, the decision had “dismantled the ghosts of the past” and showed that “the taboo concerning EU defence could be broken”.She also said she hoped “this could be an inspiration for other areas of [EU] integration”.


Source: EU takes step toward joint army