This E-Tattoo Uses Conventional Chips, No Nanotech Required

April 4, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags:

So far, there have been a few things holding back the wide implementation of skin-thin e-tattoos: It’s hard to power them, it’s hard to store data, and they’re expensive to make, as nanomaterials don’t come cheap. So a team of researchers just said to hell with it and made one that uses off-the-shelf, mass produced chips and components—turns out it works just as well as anything we’ve seen before.

Read More: This E-Tattoo Uses Conventional Chips, No Nanotech Required | Motherboard.

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3 Responses to “This E-Tattoo Uses Conventional Chips, No Nanotech Required”

  1. I would remind the Church that :

    1.) The U.S. started this civil war in Syria, trying to engineer ‘regime Chang’

    2.) That Syria then, naturally, called on its justice ally, Russia, to help. (Would we have done any differently?) and
    3.) Syrua called on its other ally, Iran to help. (Would we have done any differently?).

    Now we’re lamenting Irans prescence in Syria as if we had nothing to do with it.
    4.) Dave Robbins has mentioned several times about how Syria is trying to cross the Euphrates (cross a river inside their own sovereign territory !) to .’ the US side. (the U.S. was never invited into Sovereign Syrian territory and has never had any legal right to be there. Would we do any different ?

    The narratives I hear here so often ignore the fact that all of this was brought about by the U.S. We engineered it and now we’re lamenting it?
    And Trump explicitly said he was against regime change in Syria and would out a stop to it if elected: Did he? Is he?

    Church, we have to be honest about these things.