Deadly Violence Escalates in Israel After Palestinian Youth, Israeli Teens Killed

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“Israel is a state of law and everyone is obligated to act in accordance with the law,” he said. As punishment for some 20 rockets fired from Gaza into southern Israel, the Israeli military launched airstrikes on a number of targets in the early hours of Thursday. It was the second round of strikes on Gaza since the Israeli teenagers were found on Monday and there was no immediate word on casualties. So far, Israel’s response has been relatively cautious, another indication it is not looking to dramatically escalate the fight with Palestinians.

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One Response to “Deadly Violence Escalates in Israel After Palestinian Youth, Israeli Teens Killed”

  1. L. Logan

    Antiochus Epiphanes IV was of Greek descent from General Seleucus I Nicator who warred in and eventually started the Seleucid Empire after the Diadochi Wars of succession after Alexander’s death. Antiochus IV is considered the archetypal antichrist which Daniel had prophesied of in his vision of Gabriel during the third year of Cyrus the Persian’s reign ended in 530BC as recorded in chapter 11. Daniel had seen an earlier vision as recorded in chapter 9 of the endtime 70th week “antichrist confirming a covenant with the many.”Now Daniel was being given clarity concerning the fate of his people and the vision as he stood alongside the Tigris. Daniel was taken as a young noble captive to Babylon after the 586BC burning of Jerusalem and it’s temple. He had lived through successive Babylonian kings when Cyrus had taken Babylon. Daniel had acquired Jeremiah the prophet’s writing concerning the 70 years of exile and after prayer and fasting was told what would happen to his people, nation and holy city and sanctuary far off into the future EVEN UNTO THE END OF THE TIME/AGE. That makes a rather poignant point that God sees his purpose to the end of the age as ABOUT ISRAEL, JERUSALEM AND THE TEMPLE SANCTUARY!!! Daniel is given assurance that his people, city and sanctuary would continue through the DESOLATIONS, WARS AND OPPOSING KINGDOMS EVEN WELL BEYOND DANIEL’S OWN LIFE. Visions are given that trace the kingdoms governing Israel after the dispersion such as the dream of Nebuchadnezzar idol from the (1)head of gold idol of Babylon, chest and(2) arms of silver of Medo-Persia, bronze belly and(2)THIGHS OF MACEDONIAN GREEK, (2)LEGS OF IRON OF ROME and lastly FEET WITH (10)TEN TOES OF IRON AND CLAY. It should be noted Alexander the Great SET UP RULE from his expansive empire AT BABYLON WHERE HE DIED. His BELLY WAS GREEK IN ORIGIN IN MACEDON and THERE WERE “TWO THIGHS” OF POWER IN GREECE AND BABYLON. On his death the empire was fought over in the Diadochi Wars of succession by his four generals Cassander, Ptolemy, Antigonus and SELEUCUS emerging as the division winners as Daniel had prophesied it was scattered to the four winds. Modern Turkey and Syria HAVE TO BE WATCHED PROPHETICALLY FOR THAT KING OF THE NORTH WHO ATTACKS THE KING OF THE SOUTH modern day EGYPT. Who is the FOREIGN GOD WHO HELPS ANTICHRIST WAR AGAINST THE MIDDLE EAST??? You would say it is the Holy Roman Empire reborn. That is NOT very likely it seems as now. We’ll see. J. Richardson sees an Islamic Antichrist BUT THAT STILL FAILS TO ANSWER, WHO IS THE FOREIGN GOD THAT ANTICHRIST HONORS FOR ASSISTING HIM IN HIS WARS OF DESOLATION??? J. R. SEES GOG OF MAGOG AS DO YOU AS ANTICHRIST AS EZEKIEL PROPHESIES!!! From this one HAS TO SAY IT IS TURKEY THAT IS GOG OF MAGOG OR… RUSSIA WHICH YOU BELIEVE TO BE MAGOG and IT’S CHIEF (ROSH) PRINCE IS GOG that leads and ARMS THE HORDES DOWN AGAINST ISRAEL and is destroyed BY GOD or in other words BY HIS ANOINTED ONE JESUS CHRIST! You CAN’T REALLY USE THE PEOPLE OF THAT “PRINCE” that will come as a Russian or Roman in either Daniel’s or Ezekiel’s prophecies as they didn’t exist in either of the prophets day as the KING OF THE NORTH. Seeing so much of Daniel’s prophecy involved the Greek Seleucid and Egyptian Ptolemy kings and he was told by Gabriel these two areas will be in opposition against each other, it would seem that the two super powers “proxy army” of the king of the North are Syrian Shias with RUSSIAN support and the king of the South is Arab Egypt with US support. Presently the EU Holy Roman Empire does not exist nor do the ten toed confederation exist. The church must be awakened to DO IT’S COMMISSION TO PREACH AND TEACH IN THE END OF DAYS!!! That DOES NOT SEEM TO BE THE CASE EITHER UNFORTUNATELY as they have DRIFTED AWAY IN APOSTASY WITH ESCAPISM PRETRIB FALSE TEACHING. That’s the UGLY TRUTH of a LAODICEAN LUKE WARM CHURCH and THAT IS NOT SPEAKING OF THE HARLOT FALSE CHURCH EITHER but the APOSTOLIC CHURCH OF OLD BORN ON PENTECOST!!!

  2. Steven Terrell

    This peace plan may get off the ground, but it won’t fly. The seven year peace plan must be made by the A/C, and Trump is not the A/C.The A/C must come out of the EU according to the Scriptures

  3. Jackson Smith

    If Jared Kushner is successful in negotiating “the peace deal”, doesn’t that mean that he is the antichrist? The Bible says that “And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week” (Dan 9:27). The covenant will not be between Kushner and parties, it will be between the parties involved. Kushner is the facilitator. Perhaps this is what is meant by “he shall confirm”.

    I know that the Bible says that the 10 nations will be from the old Roman Empire and that many Christians believe that this refers to the EU and that may very well be the case, but the middle east and northern Africa were also part of the old Roman Empire. So isn’t it possible that this peace deal could form the 10 headed beast out of the middle eastern countries involved?

    I know that Irvin Baxter believes that the antichrist cannot come from America, but really the only true Americans are the Native Americans. Everyone else in this country came from somewhere else or are descendants of people from somewhere else.

    I’m watching Kushner closely, because several variations of his name add up to 666 in the Hebrew gematria, which is how you calculate the number of his name (, The original spelling Kushnir, J Kushner, and Jared C Kushner (when the S and H are counted separately) all add up to 666. Then there’s the thing about him buying 666 5th Avenue (the location of Kushner Companies) for almost 3x its value. Why was this particular address so important? Food for thought.

  4. L. Logan

    WASHINGTON (beep) WE HAVE A PROBLEM! Kushner has ran into STIFF OPPOSITION FROM AL SISSI OF EGYPT! The general demands Israel go back to it’s pre-1967 borders and make East Jerusalem the CAPITAL OF A WEST BANK PALESTINIAN STATE!!! Oh oh. Israel will not “agree” to this even though considerable headway was made in negotiations with Jordan and Saudi Arabia due to their fears of an Iranian takeover in the Middle East. No one knows as yet what Kushner/Trump had offered Israel and her neighboring Muslim states to sign a peace agreement, but Israel will not cede Jerusalem to Palestinian jihadist control or the west bank for that matter as they consider that a SECURITY NIGHTMARE FROM PAST EXPERIENCE IN THE 6 DAY WAR AND YOM KIPPUR WAR!!! Egypt no doubt surprised Kushner and Goldblatte with their “hardline two state position.” Al Sissi was emboldened by the UN antiIsrael secure borders issue and Orthodox Jewry which has considerable weight in the israeli parliament, demanding access and right to their spiritual BIRTHRIGHT and possession of the temple mount and right to REBUILD A THIRD TEMPLE! What happened??? God happened, as many say to Mrs. Clinton’s loss in the 2016 elections in the US. God in Christ said, Not one jot or tittle of my word shall fail to be fulfilled. God’s word will come to pass because HE HAS DETERMINED IT FROM THE BEGINNING AFTER THE COUNSEL OF HIS OWN WILL!!! God will NOT HAVE TRUMP or KUSHNER OUT DEAL HIM! Where do you find this in prophetic scripture? Daniel 9:1-10. v.10- and we have not obeyed the voice of the Lord our God by WALKING IN HIS LAWS WHICH HE SET BEFORE US THROUGH HIS SERVANTS THE PROPHETS. The curse has been poured out and the OATH WHICH IS WRITTEN IN THE LAW OF MOSES THE SERVANT OF GOD, BECAUSE WE HAVE SINNED AGAINST HIM. V.14…;and He keeps His word…v.24-Seventy weeks of years ARE DETERMINED UPON UPON YOUR PEOPLE AND AND YOUR HOLY CITY…TO SEAL UP THE VISION AND PROPHECY AND PROPHET, and to ANOINT THE MOST HOLY PLACE. Daniel 8:14-…then “the sanctuary will be cleansed (from the PROFANING OF THE ABOMINATION THAT MADE IT DESOLATE) and PROPERLY RESTORED.” Chapter 8:17 clearly states, Understand son of man, that the fulfillment of the vision pertains to EVENTS THAT WILL OCCUR IN THE TIME OF THE END. (The ram and he-goat vision). The antichrist is cunning and “deals” in deceit and intrigue. He will give a security agreement to Israel guaranteeing THEIR SECURITY AND BORDERS FROM AN OVERWHELMING ISLAMIC ATTACK IF THEY UNILATERALLY ANNEX THE WEST BANK AND JERUSALEM AND THE TEMPLE MOUNT…JUST GIVE UP LAND FOR PEACE WITH THE PALESTINIANS OR “SHARE IT JOINTLY WITH THEM.” Muslims NEVER GIVE BACK LAND THEY CONSIDER THEIRS!!! That is the Egyptian president’s position! Daniel 11 is the battle of TWO KINGDOMS, THE KING OF THE NORTH AND THE KINGDOM OF THE SOUTH (EGYPT) THESE KINGDOMS GO TO WAR WITH ISRAEL IN THE MIDDLE!!! A good part of the narrative was fulfilled between the Seleucid kings with Antiochus Epiphanes IV portraying the archetypal antichrist figure and that northern kingdom battles with Ptolemy Egyptian kings. V.21 picks up Antiochus treachery and intrigue. V.29-He wages war on Egypt his FORMER ALLY but is prevented from ravaging their nation as before as the Romans from Cyprus defeat his naval fleet and he is told to leave Egypt. He believes the Jews had a part in this and and turns back to Israel and carrys out his RAGE ON THE HOLY COVENANT AND USES THOSE HELLENIZED JEWS WHO ABANDON THE HOLY COVENANT and his armed forces arrive in Jerusalem and DEFILE AND DESECRATE THE SANCTUARY. He will with smooth words and flattery turn to GODLESSNESS THOSE WILLING TO FORSAKE THE COVENANT! V.35-Some of those who are spiritually wise and have insight will fall in order to refine, purge and to make those among God’s people pure (white), UNTIL THE END TIME; BECAUSE IT IS YET TO COME AT THE TIME APPOINTED BY GOD! V.36-THEN THIS WILLFUL KING WILL DO AS HE PLEASES is recognized as leaping forward on the prophetic timeline into the endtime king of the north by most eschatology scholars. He honors a GOD OF FORCE. V.39- HE ACTS AGAINST THE STRONGEST FORTRESSES… WITH THE HELP OF A FOREIGN god…and will parcel out land for a price! Here is where Egypt comes on the endtime scene in v.40-AT THE TIME OF THE END THE KING OF THE SOUTH WILL PUSH AGAINST HIM AND ATTACK HIM AND THE KING OF THE NORTH WILL STORM AGAINST HIM…AND HE WILL ENTER THE COUNTRIES, “OVERWHELM” THEM AND PASS THROUGH. V.41-HE SHALL ALSO ENTER THE BEAUTIFUL AND GLORIOUS LAND (ISRAEL), AND MANY COUNTRIES WILL FALL, but these will be RESCUED OUT OF HIS HAND: (JORDAN)V.43- AS HE STRETCHES OUT HIS HAND AGAINST OTHER COUNTRIES, but EGYPT WILL NOT BE AMONG THE ONES WHICH ESCAPE!!! There you have it. Egypt will pay dearly for opposing his agreement with the Apostate Jews who John MEASURED THE TEMPLE AND THOSE WORSHIPPING ANTICHRIST THERE for judgment by God even as God will judge antichrist when Jesus returns!!! That’s the DEAL WITH EGYPT MR. TRUMP AND THE DEAL WITH THE DEVIL THAT ISRAEL AGREES TO!!!!

  5. L. Logan

    As you said in today’s broadcast, the peace deal will not halt the fighting nor settle the Jerusalem issue but for a FALSE PEACE AND SECURITY! Trump against almost over every nation’s protest moved the American embassy to Jerusalem…what will happen when the ten kings led by the beast from the pit overwhelms Jerusalem and west bank (Judea province) in the midst of the week with our embassy there!??! We know they will trample the Holy City underfoot for 3 and 1/2 years and slaughter the Jewish Christians in the city and West Bank. This is a war fought against Apostolic christianity in these two areas of Israel or in other words those who have the testimony of Jesus and are SEALED BY THAT HOLY SEAL OF PROMISE. Israel is in an AGREEMENT WITH THE GREEN HORSE RIDER OF DEATH! The Orthodox Jews continue to WORSHIP IN THE TEMPLE AS JOHN MEASURED IT WHILE OUTSIDE THE GENTILE FORCES WITH JEWS CONTINUED THEIR RAMPAGE AGAINST APOSTOLIC MESSIANIC JEWS WHO UNDER THE TWO WITNESSES OPPOSE WHAT IS BEING DONE IN THE THIRD TEMPLE AMD MOST ASSUREDLY PREACHED AS THEY WERE TAUGHT BY THE TWO WITNESSES … THE BLOOD OF BULLS AND GOATS CANNOT REMOVE SIN!!! The High Priest and Levitical priests have been overcome and recognize the Antichrist and False Prophet as Daniel and Jesus had warned and BETRAY THEIR BRETHREN hauling them before the sanhedrin and their synagogues for trial and refusing to swear allegiance to the beast system by taking the mark, number or name. Israel SIGNS THE AGREEMENT AND FOLLOWS IT AND THE EVIL ONE WHO CONFIRMED THE COVENANT OF THE MANY! The 144,000 are evidently airlifted out to the place prepared for them as you say probably the US BECAUSE THE US HAS EVACUATED THE EMBASSY IN JERUSALEM. It appears the church has fulfilled the Great Commission and America turns to another Great Awakening revival! The US has evidently condemned the UN resolution to internationalize Jerusalem and left that world governing body to stand with Christians especially Israel’s elect 144,000 remnant. How else could Israel survive in such a horrific time as the great tribulation with the 6th Trumpet War raging and the US now sheltering the 144,000 that Jewry has joined in sentencing to death…BECAUSE THEY WORSHIP THE BEAST AND AS SCRIPTURE DECLARES ARE SPIRITUALLY SODOM AND EGYPT! America has embraced MAKE GOD GREAT AGAIN! The church has awakened our peoples and the church has prevailed against the gates of hell. Our motto will be COME ALL YOU WHO ARE WEARY AND AMERICA WILL GIVE YOU REST IN HOLY GHOST OUTPOURING UPON ALL FLESH WHO CALL ON JESUS NAME!!! AMEN. LET IT BE!