A cubicle is not a fox hole, says Marine’s attorney

A former U.S. Marine says it’s unfair that she was forced out of the military because she refused to take down Bible verses from her office cubicle.


Recently, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces heard arguments in the case of former Marine Lance Corporal Monifa Sterling.


She was court martialed in part for expressing her Christian faith while on the job.


Sterling’s superiors say she posted Bible verses at her desk despite orders from a superior to remove the verses. Still, Sterling’s attorney, Mike Berry of First Liberty Institute, says his client’s religious freedom rights were violated.


“The fact that those who put their safety and lives on the line in order to defend our religious freedom are losing theirs is despicable,” says Berry. “It’s outrageous.”


According to the attorney, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act suggests that his client did not need to ask for an accommodation to post the verses.


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