Common Core gives new twist to U.S. history

August 25, 2014   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: ,

Some are calling it the “Common Core Twist.”

No, it’s not a new dance move.

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2 Responses to “Common Core gives new twist to U.S. history”

  1. confused

    Would like to understand “The Many Mansions” and “Many Rooms” better, and what exactly is meant? Will we all be in same house with many mansions and many rooms, OR will we all be divided into separate Mansions and separate Rooms depending on what our standing is or our level is after the Great White Throne of Judgement? Or, is the interpretation something different?

  2. confused

    Most everything makes sense except seems the Godhead could be one entity or three entities depending on the specific interpretation of scripture thereof. The two different viewpoints both make sense and difficult to discern. There are those who believe God has a physical wife.

  3. confused

    Has the End Time Ministries team had the opportunity to read The Book of Mormon and give an opinion regarding if it is True or Not True? Would there be a broadcast from End Time Ministries on this particular topic at some point in the future?

  4. L. Logan

    Great expectations? I believe that’s a fictional work. lol. Of course you are right as far as it goes FOR THOSE WHO BELIEVED THE PROPHETS AND WERE LOOKING FOR HIM. This is also true for the present day Apostolic church who have made themselves ready and are watching for His appearing even as the world is in GROSS darkness and APOSTASY. Unfortunately there are those “good people, those five FOOLISH VIRGINS who have not sufficient oil to go out to meet Him. There are those CRYING GO YE OUT TO MEET HIM WHICH BY IMPLICATION SAYS THEY HAD A SHORT JOURNEY THEY MUST TRAVEL TO POSITION THEMSELVES IN THAT PARTY SENT TO GET THEM…THEY NEEDED THE CRUSE OF OIL TO HELP LIGHT THE WAY AS THEIR LAMPS BEGAN TO BURN UP THE OIL IT CONTAINED. The Groom and His party took them to His Fathers house and shut the door! I had often puzzled over that one attendee who had thought to banquet WITHOUT THE WEDDING GARMENT HE WAS EXPECTED TO ADORN HIMSELF WITH AND AS I UNDERSTAND IT, WAS SUPPLIED BY THE FATHER OF THE GROOM, THAT UNPREPARED AND SLOTHFUL MAN WHO HAD NOT DONE DUE DILIGENCE TO USE WHAT ATTIRE WAS PROVIDED FOR HIM WAS BOUND AND CAST OUT INTO THE DARKNESS!!! I find it hard to sympathize with him as all he had to do was put on Christ garment as THAT WAS EXPECTED OF HIM. Evidently he thought his personal attire was good enough and acceptable to the Master at the banquet but instead it marked him and condemned him to rejected at the door, the entrance to the marriage supper. God’s expectations are not fictional, optional nor suggestions but commandments! Get yourself ready in the identifying attire and take along an extra cruse of oil to finish the journey less you find yourself rejected at the door and weeping and wailing outside in the darkness as the sun and stars go black and the heavens roll up as a scroll and with a blinding flash as lightning Christ the Groom appears and the party has departed without you and your lamp blinks out!

  5. L. Logan

    Men’s viewpoint of their own vainglorious perspective of present day powers and political trends THEY SEE AS DETERMINING THE ENDTIME SCENARIO that OPPOSE the WORD OF GOD SHOULD BE REJECTED! We as Christians HAVE THE MORE SURE WORD OF PROPHECY THAT ST. PETER SAID WE WOULD DO WELL TO TAKE HEED TO IT! IT SHOULD BE OUR GUIDE AS A LIGHT THAT SHINES IN A DARK PLACE AND FOUNDATION OF GOOD BIBLICAL EXEGESIS. We have MANY FALSE PROPHETS and FALSE CHRISTS using extra biblical sources just as Christ warned! Some even use the teachings of Islam’s eschatological viewpoint to support their views as if the Christian Bible has insufficient word for us to comprehend and understand the endtime prophecies that were written by HOLY MEN OF OLD AS THE SPIRIT GAVE THEM THE MORE SURE WORD. Under the law to offend in one matter was to offend in all aspects because any sin would cause the trespasser to be condemned and guilty of trespassing the Law! Likewise a prophet who made claim, Thus says the Lord, COULD NOT ERR IN PART IN HIS UTTERANCE OF THE WORD HE DELIVERED! This divine decree and penalty is found over and over again one being Jeremiah 28:9- But the prophet who prophesies peace will be recognized AS ONE TRULY SENT BY THE LORD “ONLY IF HIS PREDICTION COMES TRUE.” NIV. Bro, Baxter has often said we will see if a contrarian prediction is correct WHEN IT HAPPENS… The problem arises when God says IT IS FINISHED and the Lord Jesus APPEARS IN GLORY AND THOSE OF THE NIGHT HAD FAILED TO HEED THE PROPHETIC WARNINGS and ESPECIALLY CHRIST ADMONITION TO “BE YE READY” and WATCH and PRAY! Daniel 12 should be read carefully and GIVEN HEED TO! Verse 2-MULTITUDES WHO SLEEP IN THE DUST WILL AWAKE SOME TO EVERLASTING LIFE (RESURRECTION/RAPTURE)… Verse 3- THOSE WHO ARE WISE WILL SHINE LIKE THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE HEAVENS (as they take on glorified bodies as that of Christ at His APPEARING) and THOSE WHO LEAD MANY TO RIGHTEOUSNESS LIKE THE STARS FOREVER AND FOREVER! Verse 8- Daniel heard, but he did not understand. So he ASKED (ASK FOR WISDOM!) My Lord WHAT WILL THE OUTCOME OF ALL THIS BE?!??! JAMES 1:5- IF ANY MAN LACK WISDOM LET HIM ASK OF GOD. Men continue to follow “false teachings” concerning the OUTCOME OF ALL THESE PROPHECIES! They club post tribulationists with false accusations with their Laodicean lukewarm escapist, slothful servants, yes beating them, with God would not allow His bride to suffer tribulation! They presume themselves to righteous to suffer for His Name forgetting Christ warned them that in this life THEY WOULD SUFFER TRIBULATION BUT FEAR NOT I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD and yes indeed He did LEADING MANY TO THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF FAITH BEING THE FIRSTBORN OF MANY BRETHREN BY HIS DEATH, BURIAL AND RESURRECTION AND ASCENSION INTO THE GLORY OF GOD! The TRUE DISCIPLE WILL OBEY THE GREAT COMMISSION UNTIL CHRIST COMING AS EVIDENCED BY THE PROPHET DANIEL IN VERSE 10- MANY WILL BE PURIFIED, MADE SPOTLESS AND “REFINED,”… (Christ has purchased a church who has made itself ready without SPOT OR WRINKLE OR ANY DEFILEMENT AKA BY REVIVAL and EVANGELISM as marks the church PREACHING THE GOSPEL IN ALL THE WORLD and THEN THE END, THE OUTCOME IS FINISHED!) and MANY SUFFERING REFINEMENT IN FIRE AS MARKS THE HATRED OF HIS NAME AT THE END OF THE AGE!!! Every man’s work will be tried by fire 1Cor. 3:13. Daniel 12:10 continues after speaking of the great Apostolic revival even in fiery trial: BUT THE WICKED SHALL DO WICKEDLY: AND “NONE” OF THE WICKED SHALL UNDERSTAND: BUT THE “WISE” SHALL UNDERSTAND!!! Now you UNDERSTAND WHERE CHRIST DREW THE PARABLE OF THE TEN VIRGINS FROM, FIVE WHO WERE WISE AND FIVE WHO WERE FOOLISH (WICKED)as was told in Matthew 25 AFTER THE MT. OF OLIVES DISCOURSE! Read Christ PARABLE of the TALENTS and the MASTER WHO WENT ON A LONG JOURNEY (think 2000 years) and left his wealth with THOSE OVERSEERS and SERVANTS IN CHARGE OF PRODUCING GAIN FOR HIM. He took ACCOUNT OF THEM ON HIS RETURN AND THE ONE TALENT SERVANT WHO GOT HIM NO GAIN WAS DECLARED A “WICKED AND SLOTHFUL SERVANT” AND WAS CAST OUTSIDE INTO THE DARKNESS JUST AS THE FIVE FOOLISH STOOD OUTSIDE THE DOOR WEEPING AS THE VIALS OF WRATH ARE BEING POURED OUT. It is a horrific scene but they had attitudes of LUKEWARMNESS, UNPREPAREDNESS, SLOTHFULNESS and WICKEDNESS! Getting caught up in the cares of life, living in ungodliness and and not letting one’s light shine or outright adhering to doctrines/teachings of escapism anytime appearing of the Master IS WICKED, REFUSING TO WORK THE FIELD OF EVANGELISM BECAUSE OF THE INTENSE HEAT OF THE DAYS BEFORE THE MASTERS RETURN! You are WICKED BURYING PROPHETIC TRUTH IN FEAR OF THE MASTERS COMMAND TO WORK EVEN IN ADVERSE CIRCUMSTANCE MAKING EXCUSE YOU CAN RETURN THE TALENT TO HIM IN YOUR CARNAL MINDSET AND FAILURE TO SEE HE KNEW OF YOUR ABILITY AND THAT IS WHY “HE GAVE YOU A TALENT!” Many won’t teach or preach PROPHECY and many won’t even work the small field presented them and are always reasoning for a way or excuse out of labor! The CHURCH IS EMPOWERED BY THE WORDS AND WORK OF CHRIST THE CORNERSTONE AND BUILT ON THE FOUNDATION OF THE APOSTLES AND PROPHETS, COMMISSIONED AS HIS WITNESSES (MARTOS,GK) and CONFIRMED BY GOD WITH SIGNS FOLLOWING… THEIR WORKS OF FAITH!!! WAKE UP, GET UP AND WORK TO GO UP AS THE GROOMSMEN CRY BEHOLD HE IS COMING; GO OUT TO MEET HIM (THE LORD,THE HOLY GHOST IS IN THE MARKETPLACE OF SOULS AND IN THE FIELD SAYING COME LABOR AND WE SHALL GATHER AT THE GREAT FEAST TO CELEBRATE OUR HARVEST).

  6. Another good day of Bible Endtime teaching. Thank you Pastor Baxter! Some things I don’t agree with, but do agree with most. I believe God made the Pearly Gates because He said He did. The 144,000 Jewish virgin men are the first fruits to God. They will fight for Israel and our Lord. They are marked special for Jesus and they will be martyred and return with Jesus to fight. They are great holy men! Anyhow, God bless you! I learned and was made to think about some new things today. Wonderful! I will study more to show myself approved. Blessings for your show.