China bans ‘uncivilized behavior,’ eating, drinking on subways

November 1, 2019   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , ,

China is demanding its citizens clean up their act when using the nation’s subway systems.

China’s Ministry of Transport introduced a regulation last week that bans eating and drinking in subway cars, as well as “uncivilized behavior” such as playing music on speakers or selling products.

The new restrictions are slated to take effect April 1, China Daily reported Tuesday.

The regulation also prohibits counterfeit tickets and electronic cigarettes, the publication reported in May.

According to China Daily, those who violate the rules will have it marked on their personal credit score, developed by the Chinese government in order to assess its citizens’ “social credit” based on their reputations and behavior.

Inspectors will patrol subway cars and identify any restricted behaviors to issue violations, China Daily said.

The move has both critics and supporters.

“These smells easily cause disputes between passengers, but there was no basis for law enforcement officers to get involved before,” Liu Daizong told China Daily. He is the World Resources Institute’s China transport program director.



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