‘Certain narratives were exposed’ in national ID systems, development experts tell ID4Africa webinar

Universal digital identity coverage could be achieved within the next two years, if shifts in political will and recognition of the mission’s importance are harnessed, according to an expert perspective shared during the latest ID4Africa webinar.

“The Identity for Development Agenda in the Era of COVID-19” featured an intense panel discussion by development agencies and United Nations officials, ranging from the role of birth registration in the overall push for universal coverage to changes in the funding environment.

The panel was made up of Vyjayanti Desai and Robert Palacios from The World Bank, Alan Gelb of the Center for Global Development, Dr. Vera Songwe and Oliver Chinganya of UNECA, Cornelius Williams of UNICEF, and Niall McCann of UNDP. The previous webinar in the series featured representatives of government identity authorities from across Africa.

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