Celebrating death

Just this week, the Palenstinian Authority had their flag raised outside the UN – but the streets of their cities, their villages, remained silent. No celebrations, no parades, nothing. Even their media barely made a mention of this event, undoubtedly a landmark in the extremely short history of this people invented only a half-century ago, another fabrication of the Arab League.


No celebrations, because this is not their goal, not celebration-worthy. Their goal, my friends, is much simpler – to kill Jews. And indeed, when a young couple were slaughtered in front of their children, the only reason being the fact that they were Jews, they poured into the streets, singing, dancing, jubilation all around. The kind of celebration one might have expected earlier this week, but the kind of celebration they reserve only for the happiest of events – dead Jews.


This is the face of the “Palestine” they strive to establish. An Islamo-Fascist anti-Semitic abomination with the sole goal of wiping us, the Jewish people and the State of Israel, off the face of the earth.


But they have failed, will fail, continuing to crumble under their corrupt leaders. They, their children, and their children’s children will be reabsorbed into the Arab nations from which they were spawned, and disappear. That’s what they deserve.


Meanwhile, they will continue to fester in the cesspool of hatred of their own making, their ignorance and backwardness. They will witness, with envious hatred, our growth, our flourishing economy, our free and open society, our festive lifestyles, happy. And alive. And all that will remain for them to do is to celebrate when another of the vile murderous scum they have manufactured succeeds in killing a Jew or two.


No more than a filthy anecdote in our eternal history, they, like those before them who strove to annihilate us, driven by hatred and extremism, will follow in the footsteps of the Babylonians, the Romans, and the 1000-year Reich they so love to love.


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