Cameron in Knesset trumpets benefits of peace, rather than chiding Israel on settlements

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British Prime Minister David Cameron delivered a warm speech to the Knesset on Wednesday, spelling out the possible benefits of a peace deal rather than chiding Israel for settlement construction.

Read More: Cameron in Knesset trumpets benefits of peace, rather than chiding Israel on settlements | JPost | Israel News.

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5 Responses to “Cameron in Knesset trumpets benefits of peace, rather than chiding Israel on settlements”

    • Hello Jonathan,

      In our opinion we do not believe that America will be under the One World Order or Antichrist. We believe that Revelation 12:14 Is the US(two wings of the great Eagle). !2:14 And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

  1. L. Logan

    Sorry for the unfinished post. Korea would become a non aligned but economic powerhouse. Russia would welcome this non aligned non nuke state on its border too. The hot spot remains Syria in the Middle East and the Zionist state of Israel. The 6th Trumpet war emanates from the Euphrates River Valley as Russia and America remain in a face off there and no doubt these two nuclear states Russia allied with Iran and the US allied with Israel continue to be the most likely candidates for the second seal confrontation with Turkey provoking the NATO alliance to go to war against the Russian backed Iranian/Syrian war actions there. I see the seals and trumpets following the seal-trumpet order. 6th seal – 6th trumpet. The seventh seal is the silence in heaven as Christ leaves the heavenly realm taking the righteous souls with Him as Paul declares in I Thessalonians 4:14! There is silence as Christ, the saints and angels have left heaven to go to earth! The seventh trumpet sounding is the appearing of Christ, the resurrection to the immortal body of the righteous dead and catching away of saints by the angels to Christ in the air. I see the 1st seal-trump as just now occuring. In this time the church experiences peace and revival among gentile nations until the the fulnesss of the gentile church comes in and then the scales of blindness of Israel is removed. The peace plan is accepted by Zionists beginning the 3 1/2 years of false peace until the second red horse rider takes away the peace. This is when antichrist is revealed as the US and Russia war with proxy armies in Israel and Turkey/Syria/Lebanon/Iran/Iraq and the Zionist ally with antichrist against the US and messianic Jews who are airlifted out to the US the place prepared to save the true Jewish believers of Messiah Jesus! America retreats to isolationism. The two witnesses appear to keep the nation of Israel from destruction until Christ appears in glory. The seals 3 through 4 are simply as follows: 3- famine/pestilence with the rich giving power to the false prophet over money. 4- a muslim nations attack over the temple and antichrist breaking the peace agreement starting the “Great Tribulation.” 5- Martyrdom of many saints by antichrist whose souls are seen as sacrifices under the altar who are told to REST which means they are still held in the state of death aka without an immortal body. 6- The sun turns black and the moon as blood and a massive meteor shower as a fig tree shaking sheds it’s figs occurs! The heavens swell with the clouds of souls and angels as the heavens open to reveal CHRIST with His Hosts!!! The earth’s rulers and military men are in terror of Him knowing the slaughter they caused the saints to endure and run to their D.U.M.B. (Deep Underground Military Bases) trying to escape Christ wrath. The first to the fourth trumpets are warning signs of God’s anger and disapproval of the destroyers of the first to the fourth seals riders actions. The 5th trumpet initiates the antichrist revealing as the spirit of the bottomless pit posesses Antichrist and leads the Muslim horde against Israel and the Zionist traitors recognize him as the Jews messiah. Antichrist goes to war against all who oppose him and the false prophet uses financial control to subdue nations with the “Mark,” probably a microchip digital currency as the new world money system. Daniel says wars are determined to the end until the consummation of the beast, the destroyer by Christ return at the LAST TRUMP and His saving of Israel 10 days later on ATONEMENT. The antichrist had initiated a war of annihilation against Israel taking half the city of Jerusalem as he has murdered the two witnesses and was celebrating his victory until they are raised from the dead. He flees north to assemble his forces at Meggido and is defeated by Christ whose Coming occurs on the mount of Olives at ATONEMENT. My view of the seal trumpet events. The vials of God’s wrath are poured out during the ten days of awe between the rapture and the second coming desribed in Rev.19. The saints are always shown as in prayer and worship and witnessing of Christ, the world as unrepentant and disobedient to Him. The saints though overcome by antichrist eventually overcome him by their savior. The GREAT TRIBULATION lasts 1260 days ending on the feast of trumpets and the saints are blessed and holy on the feast of dedication of the temple on Hannukah 1335 days later. Chanukah(Hannukah) is 75 days after Trumpets in 2033, the year of the last tetrad blood moon is on Oct. 8th if that is the cause of the scripture’s blood moon? As to whether my interpretation and version of events are true is not that important but we know Israel’s existence shows we are in the last days of the age of the church and chosen people of God before His kingdom is established. I contend the “peace plan” is a covenant of hell giving away the land of Israel to Gentile control to be TRAMPLED UNDER FOOT!!! Doing this to the Israelis invites a curse on America!Blessings to all.

  2. L. Logan

    It would appear that we are in a time of promising peace as the president is scheduled to meet with North Korea. Some info has surfaced that Trump has already meant with Kim and Xi of China to denuclearize Korea and possibly reunite the Korean people as a . Russia is