Britain’s Struggle to Leave the EU Demonstrates the Tenacity of Globalists

With the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom ruling that Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s decision to prorogue — or shut down — Parliament is unlawful, certain things are quite clear. All the talk about “democracy” by the “Remain” forces in Britain is highly hypocritical and the globalists who support Britain remaining in the European Union (EU) are willing to cause all sorts of political discord inside the U.K. to continue their attack upon the sovereignty of independent nations.

Seventy percent of the laws governing the British people are now dictated by the bureaucrats of the European Union, not by their own Parliament.

Johnson has been among the most vocal members of the Conservative Party favoring Brexit — the decision of a national referendum in 2016 for Great Britain to leave the super-state known as the EU — and the failure of Britain’s government to carry out the wishes of the British public in that national referendum highlights the rank hypocrisy of the Remain forces who say Johnson’s desire to carry out that decision is somehow undemocratic.

In other words, to the globalists who support continued British membership in the EU, democracy is the people doing what the globalist elites want done, not letting the people get their way.