Bringing the Internet of Things to healthcare

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The Internet of Things (IoT) has become industry-agnostic jargon to describe how technology is currently being embedded in multiple markets, including healthcare, and evolving the way in which business is conducted. The IoT has evolved the way stakeholders currently interact with and will continue to streamline the processes involved in frontline healthcare work.The IoT is described as a network of physical devices that uses connectivity to enable the exchange of data. These devices are not necessarily the intricate technological advancements. They do, however, streamline processes and enable healthcare workers to complete tasks in a timely manner. Companies that specialise in healthcare or technology tend to heavily invest in IoT. At present, most tech devices come with some form of connectivity, from wearables such as biosensors to X-ray machines with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. IoT-enabled medical devices provide critical data that assist health practitioners perform their jobs.IoT in healthcare facilitates mundane albeit important tasks to improve patient outcomes, and also takes some of the burden off health practitioners. Tasks such as remote patient monitoring, treatment progress observation, and the housing of vaccines are all capabilities of medical devices with integrated IoT.

Source: Bringing the Internet of Things to healthcare – Verdict Medical Devices

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2 Responses to “Bringing the Internet of Things to healthcare”

  1. Wow! For years I’ve thought the internet and data companies and newsfeeds were the sign of the Beast. If Satan is the father of lies then his tool is communication propaganda.

    The AntiChrist will most likely be the big guru who comes along to “fix” the major shutdowns that will enviably take place because of data overload and hacking. Scary business, but God owns the airwaves and the truth.

    He will come to wipe out his whole mess.