Brexit Deal Finally Passes House of Commons; UK Set to Leave the EU

January 18, 2020   |   Category: Prophecy News   |   Tags: , , ,

After December’s paradigm shifting general election in the United Kingdom, it might have seemed a bit anticlimactic, but on Thursday the House of Commons passed Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal with the European Union by a healthy margin of 330 to 231. The vote would seemingly put an end to more than three years of political fearmongering, unwarranted delay and prevarication by “Remainer” politicians and pundits.

In a half-empty House of Commons — which stood in stark contrast to the overflow crowds of 2019 — Deputy Speaker Eleanor Laing announced to raucous cheers, “The ayes to the right, 330. The no’s to the left, 231. So, the ayes have it. The ayes have it.”

After coming votes in the unelected House of Lords and the E.U. Parliament  both of which are seen as pro-forma — Great Britain is expected to leave the E.U. on January 31.

“We will be leaving the E.U. on January 31. We will have delivered on the P.M.’s commitment to ‘get Brexit done,’” said a government spokesman.


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4 Responses to “Brexit Deal Finally Passes House of Commons; UK Set to Leave the EU”

    • Doug Norvell

      The only wings that we know for sure are no longer there are the wings of the Eagle, because they were plucked off in Daniel 7. Now the wings of the fowl are not mentioned in 13, but that doesn’t mean they are not still on the body of the Leopard.

  1. Noelline Houareau

    concerning brexit it’s prophetic it has to happen by hook or by crook,we are becoming nearer to end time as prophecies are unfolding before our eyes,we’re very fortunate to live at this time.