Bolton: U.S. might have to attack North Korea

The time may come soon when the U.S. will have no other option but to attack North Korea militarily, former United States ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said here Saturday night.Negotiations have not stopped North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons and China has not done what it could to deter the North from proceeding with work that would allow it to hit U.S. cities with a nuclear weapon, Bolton told about 450 at the annual holiday dinner hosted by former Republican Congressman Charles Taylor. The event attracts Republicans from across Western North Carolina.”Nobody wants to use military force against North Korea because of the risks to South Korea. Nobody wants to see this happen,” Bolton told the crowd at the Crowne Plaza Resort Asheville.But he said the risks to the United States of North Korea having nuclear weapons may outweigh that concern.


Source: Bolton: U.S. might have to attack North Korea

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