Bathroom confusion gathering momentum

he issue of whether or not transgenders can use bathrooms for the opposite biological sex could well be headed to the Supreme Court, following a decision by the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. And in California, parents and students are privately battling out the issue at their local school.


The Fourth Circuit ruled in favor of a Virginia high school transgender student, a biological female, who sued to gain access to the boys’ restrooms. Conservative Review writer Nate Madden says the ruling affirms the Obama administration’s Department of Education opinion that Title IX should add transgenders as a protected class.


“You can’t use Title IX funding to discriminate between males and females or trans males, trans females, nonconforming, gender-fluid, what have you,” he says. “So it expanded that rule based on really unconfirmed psychology in a lot of cases.”


He further stated that there is a lot of disagreement among social scientists as to how this phenomenon should be treated.


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