Are You A True Christian? | Prophecy in the News

March 29, 2013   |   Category: Prophecy News   |  

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  1. The Democrats have been trying to do that for years and especially Hillary Clinton and Obama both together make a deadly political destructive force. Take for instance the company Hillary Clinton was apart of to give our Uranium to Russia. This move was two fold against America. It gave help to Russia Weapons Systems and took away one of America’s needed resources. There has been indications that the one world republican backed factions in our government have been supportive of America’s demize as well.

  2. Louise Fewox

    At 87′ when I was growing up I thought we were living in a time when even those who
    Didn’t attend church behaved on a moral fashion,outwardly at least. Only God can read hearts.
    About the school shooting, Wu isn’t Mental Illness even mentioned? This young man displ

  3. Dave- my question to you is. when do you think we had this magical Christian time in our nation?
    Was it when the bible could be read in school- even though it wasn’t being read at home?
    Was it when no one complained about the Ten Commandments being posted on judicial buildings – but weren’t being followed in most peoples hearts?
    Isnt it more appropriate to say, in our pluralistic democracy, that we are a nation with a majority of Christians (which allows non Christian Americans an equal footing) without resorting to the jingoistic rhetoric of saying ‘We’re a Christian nation’.
    All of this simplistic talk about faith pretends to uphold it, while it, in fact, destroys its foundation.
    Your analysis and positions need a lot of work, Mr Robbins- this is a ministry if our Lord Jesus, so it’s credibility matters.