American University Moves to Mandate Use of ‘Preferred Pronouns’

American University in Washington, DC, is moving toward making the use of non-binary, preferred pronouns mandatory for faculty when addressing students.

The university’s Center for Diversity and Inclusion asks faculty to address students by their “chosen name and pronouns” so as to make gender non-conforming students feel welcome, according to the attentive folks at the College Fix.

The school’s pronoun guide instructs community members to ask others what pronouns they use to describe themselves and to then adopt those pronouns when speaking to or about them.

Nonbinary pronouns “are often used by trans, genderqueer, and gender-nonconforming people,” the guide states. It also explains the pronunciation and conjugations of “Ze,” “Ey” “Per” and “Them” while telling readers to “never argue with or question a person’s gender identity of pronouns.”

The guide also warns the community not to assume that “she/her/hers” are female pronouns, or that “he/him/his” are male.


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