1 in 4 Europeans hold anti-Semitic beliefs, new survey finds

A new survey shows about one in four Europeans holding anti-Semitic beliefs, with such attitudes on the rise in Eastern and Central European countries.

The poll of 14 countries released Thursday by the New York-based Anti-Defamation League (ADL) found that such views have held mostly steady in Western Europe.

“It is deeply concerning that approximately one in four Europeans harbor the types of anti-Semitic beliefs that have endured since before the Holocaust,” ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said.

“These findings serve as a powerful wake-up call that much work remains to be done to educate broad swaths of the populations in many of these countries to reject bigotry, in addition to addressing the pressing security needs where violent incidents are rising.”

In the Eastern and Central European countries surveyed, the stereotype of “Jewish power” in business and the idea that Jewish people are more loyal to Israel than to their own country are especially widespread, according to the findings, which added that many people in those countries also believe that Jews still talk too much about the Holocaust.

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