Your Questions Answered

July 30, 2020   |   Category: End of the Age   |  

Over the years, we have been asked thousands of questions. Many, of which, you may have never heard of or even thought to ask. I will answer many of these questions on this edition of End of the Age!

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6 Responses to “Your Questions Answered”

  1. Robert J Adkins

    I have some information on prophecy that I I have I think may interest you if you would like to talk with me
    Have you heard of Isaac Newton Rapture 2060 date
    I can send directly my info to you if you will give me a email address I can attach and send to you

    • Doug Norvell

      We do not know if President Trump will be re-elected, however based on the prophesies and where it appears we are on the prophecy timeline. It does appear as though he will be. But the Lord is able to fulfill every word, no matter who is the President.

  2. David G Rocke

    Shalom to all,
    You say that ark of the covenant has been recreated for use in the new temple and that’s all well and good… but do you know that the real ark that Moses built was found some years ago? If you didn’t know that – might I suggest some research? The ark was found but YHVH has not yet allowed it’s revealing to the world. In His time… He has plans!!!
    I’m almost 72 years old and ever since early grade school my ears, eyes, mind and heart have been sensitive to understanding end time prophecy. Over the years from numerous sources I’ve harvested many views and opinions and have contemplated their potential for showing the truth… all filtered through observed events and common sense.
    I’m convinced that the Holy Spirit has shown me truths and I’m “busting at the seems” to teach – but most are so ignorant or brain washed by their higher learning seminaries that they are unable to comprehend anything different than what they believe they know.
    This all makes me so frustrated… but I’m praying/hoping that some day in the near future – before my mental abilities go away – His plan for me will be realized.
    Did you know that Lucifer was there in the room when the first translators wrote down “In the beginning God…..”? Ever since then most believers think that the name of the creator is God. Even the best preachers call his name God! For the record – the most recent understanding is Yahovah and Yeshuah Messiah.
    Etc Etc. Etc.

    Much love in Yeshuah,