World Government & World Religion Forming Now

December 30, 2019   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: ,


The Bible prophesies a world government and a world religion for the end times. Both the world government and the global religion appear to be developing right now. We will give proof of these developments on this edition of End of the Age.

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7 Responses to “World Government & World Religion Forming Now”

  1. You did a show on TV . I think it was 28 December 2019. The discussion was on the formation of the world bank . You mentioned something about a German fellow who helped initiate the Federal Reserve. I would like to re watch that if possible . Is there a link to be able to rewatch the broadcast ?

  2. As usual, good show. When I fish for men, I tell them at least one scripture that no one can deny, MATT. 24 ; 12. And then I tell them all you have do is watch the news 10 minutes and that will tell you were this world is headed. Then if it appears that they have some wisdom, I lay on them MATT, 24; 15. That usually gets there attention.