Will the Peace Plan be Signed in 2019?

December 28, 2018   |   Category: End of the Age   |   Tags: , , ,


The Bible prophesies that a peace agreement between Palestinians and Israelis will be signed. When this occurs, it will mark the beginning of the final 7 years to Armageddon and the Second Coming of Jesus to the earth. Could this world-changing event happen in 2019? We’ll consider the possibilities on today’s edition of End of the Age.

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5 Responses to “Will the Peace Plan be Signed in 2019?”

  1. Donald Ngoma

    Referring to Mr Baxter’s last show regarding the Signing of the Piece Agreement, he mentions something very important in his presentation – ” … a deal is a give-and-take … in the deal, there will be things that the Arabs will like and things that they won’t like … (same with the Israelis)”. This is very true and in fact (on this note) I think it will be for those “things that the Arabs don’t like” that will lead them to resort to violence and ultimately sparking WW3 [before the Arabs sign] in an attempt to get the deal to be reviewed and revised. After enough blood is shed, then this deal will be signed, marking the beginning of the last 7-year period.

    Makes sense – Thank you Mr Baxter for your teaching. God bless you Sir.